1st FANUS Meeting

Under the High Patronage of his Majesty The King Mohammed VIth

The Federation of African Nutrition Societies (FANUS) in collaboration with
1st FANUS meeting with the theme


Venue: Ouarzazate, Morocco

Date: May 7th – 9th, 2007


08:00-10:30 Session 15  
Moderators: Tola Atinmo, Isatou Jallow,  
Garton Kamchedzera The human rights to food, health and water - 
Rapporteur: Mawuli hayford avedzi a new approach in fighting malnutrition in all forms in Africa 
Halima Emberek Warzazi, Sibonile Khoza, Joel Aliro Omara   
Ousmane Oumarou Sidibe, Eleni Maunder, Olivia Yambi   
10:30-11:00 Coffee break/ Poster sessions
11:00-12:15 Session 16 Speakers:Lluís Serra-Majem, Denis Lairon, Aicha Lemtouni, Karamanos B, Sandro Dernini, Belahsen Rekia  MEDITERRANEAN DIET AND HEALTH IN AFRICA
Chair: Lluís Serra-Majem, Co-Chair: Francis Delpeuch,
Rapporteur: MA. Abou Zekri
    - Leila Houti: fruit and vegetables consumption and nutritional status of the algerian population – tahina project.
    - Elliot M Berry: Obesity & Healthy (Mediterranean) Lifestyle.
  Free communications - A. Aouidet: : Quantification of deficiency of trace elements and study of deviation of the food behavior in 300 Tunisian Adolescents
11:00-12:30 Session 17  
Moderators: Elarbi Rjimati , Francis Delpeuch  
Rapporteur: Roger Sodjinou  Triple burden Disease in Africa
  Free communications 
  - Ghannem H: Prevalence and determinants of obesity among urban  school children in Sousse, Tunisia
  - Mr. husein mohammed: prevalence of obesity in university of Ghana primary school children  
  - Paul Armah Aryee: a propensity for developing obesity in an adult male population living in and around a rapidly urbanising community in the northern region of Ghana.
  - Birungi Nelly: Relationship between nutritional status and malaria incidence in children below 5 years in malaria endemic areas in western Uganda
  - Roger Sodjinou : Diet quality is fully explained by socio-economic factors in urban beninese adults.
  - Pereko K.K.A. The Consumption of Edible oil, Fatty foods, Lifestyle Variables and Body fat Mass and Blood Pressure Levels among Adults in fishing communities in the Cape Coast Municipality.
  - Bour A. Utilisation des isotopes stables dans la mesure de la composition corporelle chez les personnes âgées marocaines.
  - Rguibi M. Hypertension in Morocco: Associated risk factors and biosocial determinants of high blood pressure in a group of urban Sahraoui women.
  - N. Benajiba Obesity prevalence and trends: Comparison between Morocco and Spain.
12:30-13:30 Session 18 Lecture:  
Moderators: Julia Tagwreyi, Abdelohab Zerrari Speaker: Funke Bogunjoko, Bibi Giyose   
Rapporteur: Nnam N.M.    The African Regional Nutrition Strategy (ARNS) and its implementation plans. 
    - AL Guèye: zinc and vitamin a status in rural senegalese women consuming plant based diets: implications for program interventions.
    - Sanou D, enhancement of dietary iron with modification of eating habits could be a sustainable and relevant prevention strategy to control iron deficiency anaemia in preschool children
    - R. Fungo: Enhancing the ß carotene, iron and zinc content of bananas in eastern Africa.
    - L. C. Malaba: Optimising nutrition intervention ending malnutrition in africa: how about governance?
  Free communications  
13:30 14:00 Lunch/ Poster sessions
14:00-15:30  Session 19 Lecture: Food safety
Moderators: MBarek Essatara, Fahmi Seddik Speaker: Klaus Kraemer Vitamin A risk assessment and management 
Rapporteur: Francis Zotor  Free communications - Khalid Sherif El Awady: Food Item Registration Catalogue the first step in Risk Assessment in Dubai.
  - Elshrek Yousef: Bacteriological studies on Libyan Kufta from Tripoli city
  - O T Adepoju, R A Adediji, and P C Adigwe: Effects of processing methods on nutrient composition, antinutritional factors and micronutrient potential of tree basil (ocimum gratissimum,(efinin)
  - MD Bengaly: effect of fermentation duration on chemical composition and proteins quality of roselle (hibiscus sabdariffa l.) seeds used as sauce-condiment in west africa.
  - Wise Chukwudi Letsa: a survey on consumer attitudes and perception of food safety in ghana: a case study among university students
  - AO Obadina: Microbiological safety of cassava fufu processed in south west Nigeria.
  - Phillip Makhumula-Nkhoma: Ensuring success in food control
  - Aziz Fassouane : Monitoring DSP toxins in Moroccan Mussels and comparison between LC-MS and commercial immunoassay kit 
15:30-17:00 Session 20 Round Table Immunonutrition to improve health:
Moderators: Noel Solomon, Mustapha Mahfoudi Speakers: Alfredo Martinez, Julia Wärnberg, Noel Solomons, Ascensiَn Marcos 
Rapporteur: Layachi Chebraoui/ Missouri   
16:30-17:30  Session 21 Nutrition and HIV
Moderator: Tunde Oguntona, Loubaba Laraki Free communications
Rapporteur: Ekesa B.N  -L.C. Malaba: Tackling the Dilemma of Infant Feeding in the context of HIV infection in Africa
  - Dorcas Mbonghabu Chia: Support Groups for HIV positive mothers and fathers in programs for prevention of mother to child HIV transmission in Cameroon, Africa
  - C. E. Walford: Promotion of nutrition knowledge and food security in rural households affected by HIV in Malawi 
  - Adenekan  Samuel: The Role of Nutrition in Management of HIV/AIDS: A Case Study of Nestlé/Red Cross Partnership Programme
  - Leapetswe Malete:Integration of Food and Nutrition into HIV and AIDS Programmes in Botswana.
  - Habtamu Fufa: Nutritional Status, Zinc and Hemoglobin levels in HIV infected adults living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
17:30-18:00 Coffee break/ Poster sessions
18:00-19:00  Closing Ceremony
19:00 Valedictory Reception